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Emerson Carney   10/10/23

 Emerson was a sweet boy and a beautiful, golden filled with joy. He was greatly loved by his parents, Karen and Chris, who faithfully took him on walking adventures on beaches, in woods, and through neighborhoods daily.   He bounded along happily appreciating every moment.  Emerson was a big boy, but gentle enough to visit senior homes for nuzzles and pets, led by his mom, Karen.   He was a super sweet puppy earning “cutest pup" at The Memory Care Center pup parade, and he gave years of service as a registered therapy dog.  He was a gentle giant and loved by many. Emerson is greatly missed.


I shepherded my soulmate Lea over on the morning of October 18, 2023. She was just shy of her 15th birthday. Lea blessed her family with her long and joyful life.
In her younger years she enjoyed hiking, playing and traveling. She was a Cape baseball fan and almost never missed a game.
As a senior, Lea liked napping, a slow sniffing stroll, treats and more napping. She loved her family; soulmate Melissa, human beings Aidan, Marc, Cooper and Cole and animal beings Hazel, Logan and Athena. Lea embodied loyalty. She and Melissa were mutually devoted to one another.
Lea was kind and a friend to all. She will always be remembered for her sweetness and soft ears. Lea
will be loved forever!


 Dexter 🦴

Dexter, Mr. Doo, Doo Da, Dexi Doo - you will be missed more than we could ever express.
We adopted Dexter when he was 1 year old; it was love at first site and we knew we had to go get him. He spent the first half of his 11.5 year life with his best friend and doggie sister Brooklyn, and the last few years with his doggie sister Winnie and doggie brother Phil.
Dexter loved being outside. He loved laying in the sunshine, hunting ground hogs and squirrels, and snuggling up on the couch with his family. He was the world's best snuggle buddy. He was Mr. Personality, and he brought so much love, laughter, happiness, and goofiness to our lives. He will forever be missed.
We will always love you Dexter Fur,
~ Mom, Dad, Liam, Lewis, Winnie and Phil ~


☘  Clover 


       We adopted Clover as a senior, she was roughly 10 years old but she had a youthful, vibrant spirit. She loved a good nap on a soft pillow but she also loved adventure! We took her to many New England beaches, road trips to NYC and upstate New York, and even on plane rides to see family in Western New York. She was loved by so many people everywhere she went. She was recovering from surgery to remove mammary cancer when we adopted her, and we were told it may come back. We were lucky enough to spend 3 wonderful years with her when unfortunately Clover was diagnosed with liver cancer in early January 2023, and passed just a few weeks later.  

     Clover was a very special girl who quickly became my best friend, coworker, and travel buddy. She made a lasting impact on our lives and will be in ours heart forever. 🍀


                Henry 🐾

Henry lived the first 14 years of his life behind a chain linked fence, cut off from living a full and happy life. He was rescued in 2021 and completely spoiled for the next 2 years until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 16 years of age. He loved sleeping, rotisserie chicken, going for walks and his cherry pie toy. He will be forever remembered and forever loved by his owner Annie. Who rescued who?

 Brandon (‘Branny’) Pettinga
Branny had a good, long life. He spent his retirement years in Portland, Belgrade, and last stop, Vero Beach.  He lived it up as an active young terrier, and gracefully aged to become an old soul.  He was greatly loved by his sibling Bunker, his Mom Jenny, and his Auntie Edie.   
Keep on wagging, Branny❤️
January 2023

We will miss our beloved pets forever, and patiently wait to            see their lovely faces again.







    Grieving is a very difficult process and we all handle it differently, but must pass through all phases of the process.

  Talking about and remembering your pet can help with the grieving process and help you to gain a peaceful sense of closure.   


  If you would you like to have a memorial placed here for your beloved pet who has passed over the rainbow bridge, just email me at, and ask for more information.

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