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Rainbow Dogs

On this page, we honor the lives of Finally Home dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Though           their time with us may have been short, we will forever be grateful to have known their love. 


❤♥ Sierra Dorr ♥❤

Sierra was born on a farm in northern Maine, where she was adopted by my family and myself, when she was just 4 months old, in 2007. Sierra was the most loyal dog ever, and never complained about anything. Sierra loved her people deeply, and would normally be found at my side, or the side of one of the family members. Sierra was sweet, she rarely barked, until her later years, and was very smart and beautiful. Sierra was born on April 8, 2007 and lived with us until she passed away peacefully at home on December 16, 2022. Sierra will be missed and loved forever. She had a smile that could light up a room, and certainly my heart. Laurie Dorr 


What a beautiful girl you were Molly! You were looking so much better than when you came and we had such high hopes for you, only to lose you early one morning when we were not ready. You will forever be in our hearts, Molly, and we know that you are finally home. 🌈


Luke was a calm, friendly addition to Finally Home, who died peacefully outside getting the last bit of love he would know in this world. It was as if Luke knew this was his day, when he climbed up onto the soft bed and lay there just smiling and waiting. It could not have been more peaceful for this gentle boy, and we know he is still at peace whereever he may be. We miss you, Lukie 💔



On a beautiful, snowy day in December of 2022, I lost one of my best friends. We got Sierra from a farm here in Maine when she was 4 months old. Sierra was a sweet, beautiful, loyal soul. Sierra is in my heart forever, and she will be loved and missed forever. Until we meet again.

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.17.52 PM.png


Teddy, Teddy. What can I say? Teddy was the cutest little bugger ever. Teddy came to us from the Old Town Orphanage here in Maine, where he ended up after being confiscated from a hoarding situation. Teddy was a tough little, fluffy ball of fur who fought right up until the end. Fortunately, I found Teddy and got to spoil him for the last three months of his life, which was not enough for me. Teddy is forever in my heart and is the namesake of our Teddy's Friends fund, where we help animals who are at the end of their lives (and their owners) get through this very hard time a little easier. We believe Teddy was only 10 years old when he passed.


Toby was a handsome Siberian husky with a red coat and blue eyes. Toby was adopted by the Dorr’s when he was a puppy, and lived to be 10.5 years old, when he succumbed to cancer. Toby was playful and mischievous and loved to swim in the onsite pool at Finally Home. Toby loved the snow and colder weather and loved his people. Toby had a huge spirit and personality, and is very much missed.



Maggie came to Finally Home when she was 15 years old and was a beautiful red tick hound. Maggie loved to run and jump and especially loved the couch, where she spent a lot of time. Maggie welcomed other pups to sleep with her on the couch, and was a sweet girl. Maggie came from New Gloucester, Maine, where she was abandoned by an owner who had her outside for all of her life. Maggie loved snuggling, and passed away when she was 16.5 years old.


Sophie came to us in August of 2019 and was with us for over 2 years. Sophie came from a couple here in Maine who could no longer care for her when they moved. Sophie was a big, beautiful black lab who got along with all animals and people alike. Sophie loved going for walks and was well-loved and trained by her previous owners. Sophie was almost 15-years-old when she passed away.

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.23.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.25.38 PM.png


Myrtle came up from Rhode Island where she was found as a stray. Myrtle was a tiny love bug, who was only with us for about 4 short months. Myrtle had eye issues and so had very poor vision, and was carried in and out of the house routinely. Myrtle was independent once she was put down, however, and wandered around visiting with the other dogs. Myrtle’s nickname was “turtle”. Myrtle loved her ear rubs.


Sally came to Finally Home after her owner could no longer keep her due to unforeseen circumstances. Sally was a Dutch shepherd and was beautiful and sweet. She was loving and snuggly and had a favorite blanket and bed she loved to sleep with. Sally was quiet and loyal and got along with all of the dogs here at Finally Home, and everyone she met. Sally is thought of often and missed deeply.

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.29.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.30.21 PM.png


Jewels was an adorable little gal who had big, sheepish eyes and a cute little body with grey tones. Jewels was the first Finally Home dog and was adopted by the Dorr’s in March of 2019. Jewels was a small dog and a mix of many breeds, and had very few teeth, which made her all the cuter. Jewels was my shadow and followed me everywhere I went. She loved to be patted and was found as a stray when she was 13 years old. Jewels was with us for 2 years.

Sophie II

Sophie II, as we called her, was 14-years-old when she arrived, for her brief stay here at Finally Home. Sophie came from an older couple here in Maine who could no longer keep her due to development of severe allergies. Sophie was very affectionate and playful, and passed away in March of 2020. We miss Sophie and her sweet ways.

Sophie II checking out a bed.jpg
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